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7 Stunning Islands Should Be On Your Bucket List in Thailand

Thailand is well-known as a top-notches attractive destination for those who love travel with the charming beaches on the planet.  Let’s imagine the splendid pictures of a hammock gently swinging between two palms tree as a turquoise sea lap at the shore with sunny tropical shining down the white sand, listen to the vibrant beach sounds.  Whenever planning a beach party from dusk till dawn or escaping from the world, let us shares our memories and true experiences with top islands that need to be put on your bucket list when traveling in Thailand.

1. Koh Samui

Koh Samui is known for its original Thai island.  The sensational beaches with the cheap huts and full-moon parties attract backpackers and ravers; now it has rapidly grown up with investments of quality in accommodation and services that take it to next level with several high-end beach resorts and some first-class spas.

Cherish the wonderful time for those addicted to the beach vacation in Thailand and escape from the roughness around the edges. The perfect destination for honeymooners can take their pick of the super-luxe resort with individual areas for admiring the charming scenery; harmonious and cozy places for family-friendly hotels with the pool.

Cherish the happy moments for those who are addicted to the beach vacation in Thailand and escape from the roughness around the edges. The perfect destination for honeymooners can take their pick of the super-luxe resort with individual areas for admiring the charming scenery; harmonious and cozy places for family-friendly hotels. Koh Samui is possibly the place for yoga and spa in the world.

2. Phuket Island

Phuket is the biggest island and one of the most attractive destinations in Thailand. Though it has been infiltrated by package vacations and cheap services in a few places, Phuket is still an outstanding place for world-class restaurants and resorts.

Phuket still has some of the most glorious beaches on the islands. Many have been taken over by uber-groomed international resorts and laid with stylish sun loungers and deluxe beach bars; but if you’re seeking somewhere more laid-back, head to stunning little Kata Noi.

3. Koh Tao

Koh Tao is considered the best place for scuba diving enthusiasts; Koh Tao is called Turtle Island because of the shape of the turtle-like coastline with little sandy coves, along with the seaside restaurants lit by hundreds of pretty lanterns. Most visitors come here for diving. This island is one of the world’s top places to go scuba diving and learn about the diversity of marine life. There is high competition in renting products related to scuba diving. If you are new, you need PADI or SSI Open Water certification.

And if you’re already certified, you can take advanced courses in diving at night diving, wreck diving, shark diving, or Nitrox diving, or just jump on any of the tens of boats heading out every day.  Koh Tao has an irresistible charm, that is a bit more grown-up than Koh Pha Ngan.

4. Koh Pha Ngan

Koh Pha Ngan island is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is 65 kilometers from the mainland between the two islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao. The Koh Pha Ngan is famous for Full moon parties and is a popular destination for boat trips. It’s also well-known for its countless beautiful beaches and the unique dropout flair that can be felt everywhere on the islands.

In the peak season, the island can welcome over 20,000 visitors for dancing, drinking on the white sand under the full moon with lots of bars, clubs, and restaurants. One of the best recommendations for those who love the overnight parties; you also don’t worry if you make the vacation the wrong time of the month because there are half-moon and black moon parties in intervening weeks. In addition, the other parts of the island are very peaceful so you can enjoy the idyllic vacation.

5. Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is one of the best all-rounders and it actually contains several islands that make Koh Lanta a lot of paradise beaches coastline. One of the most fascinating islands and most-visited of which is Koh Lanta Yai. You’ll admire the pristine island where has nature reserves.

The beaches in Koh Lanta quite calm and safe where is perfect for relaxing. If you are looking for all the sun tanning on beaches, world-class diving, a great massage, fun beach bar and kayaking through the mangroves forest. Koh Lanta is your choice.

6. Koh Chang

Koh Chang is Thailand’s third-largest island but it’s less developed and bustled than Phu Ket and Koh Samui islands.  It’s far less touristy and less well-known. However, Koh Chang is considered exactly untouched island because it is a part of the Mu Koh Chang national park were great for trekking through the tropical forest and finding great beaches.

The island also gets famous for those who want to hop over to Siem Reap after Thailand. Escape from the main west-coast beaches head to the blink and you’ll mist it Had Sai Noi beach for bohemian beach-bar scene and visit the traditional fishing villages.

Locals rate the family-run Kati restaurant in Klong Prao village, where everything is made to order using homemade curry pastes (there’s an adjoining cookery school if you want to swot up on the recipes).

7. Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi Island is one of the perfect choices if you are going on holiday on your own or with single friends and quite close to Phuket. Koh Phi Phi has been almost entirely rebuilt after the tsunami, with smarter places to stay than ever. Well-known for its lots of activities on offer such as diving, snorkeling, cliff-jumping, and boat trip; Koh Phi Phi draws a young, stylish, energetic crowd with a degree of sophistication.

Days are spent sunning, swimming or exploring. Evenings are spent shopping and hanging out at beach bars, watching Thai dancers juggle with fire and dancing until the small hours with new friends. You might arrive on your own, but there’s a good chance you won’t leave that way.

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