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Experience Culture With Vietnam Traditional Music Artist

We believe that the best way to enhance your travel experience in Hanoi is to engage with local experts in the history, culture, fine arts, economy and cuisine. At this article we want to bring you a great moment with Vietnam traditional music. For this we would like to introduce you a local expert in music – the musician Pham Chi Khanh.

Living in a small house in the heart of the hustle and bustle Old Quarter of Hanoi, Musician Pham Chi Khanh is well-known as a traditional instrument maker and player. He has been applying his passion in Vietnam traditional music for nearly 40 years.

Born in a musical province of Duy Tien in Ha Nam province, Pham Chi Khanh has been growing up with some traditional Vietnamese stringed instruments. He learned how to play the 2-stringed fiddle with a hardwood body instrument at the age of 10. The same time he also learned how to make some other stringed instruments. Since then Vietnamese stringed instruments play a pivotal role in his life. He also learned to play different stringed instruments, such as dan bau, guitar, bass…. But he is most famous for his talent with Vietnamese long zither.

His Vietnamese stringed instrument store at his house is an interesting place. Here he will host you for a dinner/lunch with his family members and show you his passion for Vietnamese traditional music. At the end you could enjoy his performance with his daughter, who is also a young musician. She is also a teacher at the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

To learn more about Vietnamese culture you can read our another article about Water Puppet show. And if you want to get this art experience you could check out our history and culture tours section.

What in Vietnamese history and culture interests you? Please share in the comments.

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