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Explore Thailand Onboard The Kiha-183 Train

Thailand is known as the “Starry Path” in March and “City of Water” in April, during special trips on the unique KIHA 183 trains that will give everyone the opportunity to relax and gain a deeper connection to nature and culture.

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) organizes six trips on offer with four separate routes, operating exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays throughout March and April serving domestic and international travelers.

If you’re someone who enjoys a sound and light show along with a traditional dinner, don’t miss out on “Exploring the Enchanted Nightlands, Marvels on Earth and Stars above the Land” (March 9-10) to go to Geo Park World in Nakhon Ratchasima.

“Artistic City Tour, Local Heritage, and Celestial Tales” (March 16-17) will take you to explore Ratchaburi’s jungle factories that promote sustainability, witness the creations of outdoor sculptures and enjoy an enchanting evening lit by millions of stars created by lighting designer Na Satha Thai Garden.

Find your star love in Kanchanaburi by embarking on a journey through the history of World War II through “Khu Kam (March 23-24)”. Visitors will be able to watch the classic film “Khu Kam” at the open-air cinema near the Death Railway as well as enjoy live music. History buffs will also be treated to “MalanamThai” period costumes.

“Superstition, Fate of the Stars” (March 30 and 31) will attract those who believe in spirituality and want to unlock the secret to becoming a millionaire. The trip takes you to Chachoengsao and meets famous astrologer Khata Chinnabanchorn for a fortune telling.

“4WD Adventure to Phetchaburi Watershed Forest” (April 20-21) and wake up to the morning mist at Khao Phanoen Thung in Kaeng Krachan National Park.

“Superstition, the fate of the Waterway” (April 27 and 28): Enhance luck and wealth by learning Feng Shui principles and reading destiny from “dragon line” astrologer Viroj Tangwanich in Chachoengsao.

Let Vietnam Tour Fun take you to Thailand and participate in these unique tours in March and April Coming soon!

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