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Maha Songkran World Water Festival 2024 officially launched

Bangkok, April 2, 2024 – Maha Songkran World Water Festival 2024 has officially launched at the 42nd Thailand Tourism Festival in Bangkok, promising a grand celebration of the traditional Thai New Year , Intangible cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO.

Songkran water festival is one of the traditional festivals with special significance in Thailand. Every year, the people of the Golden Temple country often organize this festival on a large scale across the country. This year the festival is scheduled to take place from April 11 to 15 in Bangkok.

The vibrant parade of special Songkran processions from five regions, including the beautiful procession of goddess Nang Songkran. The April 11 parade will march along Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue, starting at Phan Fa Lilat Bridge and ending at Sanam Luang, and will stay there until April 15.

The five-day festival features a packed schedule of events aimed at giving tourists an exciting glimpse into the nation’s Songkran celebrations and making Thais proud of their nation’s cultural heritage.

This festival was officially held in 1941 until now with the meaning of splashing water to wash away bad luck, relieve sadness and fatigue in the old year, and bring luck and happiness in the new year. new for residents and visitors to participate. Unlike the traditional New Year of other countries, Thailand’s Songkran festival is community-based, the more people it attracts, the bigger the festival. Therefore, this is not only a family reunion of the year, but also an opportunity to exchange and make friends between Thai people and tourists.

For foreign tourists, participating in Songkran is a wonderful experience to understand the culture and traditions of this country. Visitors can join the crowd on the street and participate in an extremely interesting water game. Songkran is not just about playing in the water, but is also an important time in visiting temples and churches to pray and seek blessings for a lucky new year. Visitors can participate in religious ceremonies and experience the sacred atmosphere at these locations. Songkran is also a great occasion to enjoy typical Thai cuisine. You can try traditional dishes like som tam (papaya salad), pad thai (Thai fried noodles), or spring rolls, along with refreshing fruit drinks.

During this holiday, many cultural activities take place, including traditional singing and dancing, art exhibitions, and traditional costume competitions. Visitors can participate or observe these activities to better understand Thai culture and traditions.

Wishing you will have unforgettable memories when participating in this festival!

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