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Traveling In Vietnam With Kids – 10 Best Activities To Do

Vietnam is a great place for traveling with children. A family holiday here will be safe, interesting, educational, and fun. But the main question in organizing a family vacation is what would be the best activities for the children. So here we will introduce you to the best tours in Vietnam for kids and their parents as well. 

1, Learn about water puppetry art in Hanoi

We often take our children to the theater or different shows. Water puppet show originated in Northern Vietnam will introduce you to the traditional Vietnamese arts. The show is performed in a waste-deep pool, the puppeteers control the 15-kilo wooden puppets by a long bamboo rod, which is hidden underwater. The sketches generally show Vietnamese rural life and are trained by Vietnamese traditional orchestras. There are water puppet theater in major cities in Vietnam, but the best shows are held in Hanoi. So during your family tour in Vietnam don’t miss the opportunity to take your kids to see it. 

You can take your children to Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, which is located at Hanoi Old Quarter. Here you can see this unique tradition of Asian puppetry. The admission fee is VND100000 for a one-hour performance. Taking photos or videos are at additional costs. 

If you are looking for some special experience, we recommend you to visit the mini water puppet show ran by Mr. Phan Thanh Liem. He is from a family who was doing the show for 7 generations and has contributed a lot to the development of this art. He will introduce you to the history of the water puppetry art and explain how the puppets are made. After that, you will enjoy the show on his mini-theater. And later, if you want, he will guide you on how to practice water puppetry. 

2, Take an overnight cruise in Halong Bay

Halong Bay cruise is a highlight of Vietnam for any traveler regardless of their age. This UNESCO World Heritage Site with magnificent views of thousands of islets will win your heart. There are different options for a Halong Bay trip , but we will advise you to take an overnight cruise. It is the perfect option in terms of time and activities. Furthermore, to spend a night on the boat will also be an adventure for your children. 

What else apart from beautiful views could you expect during the Halong Bay cruise? The most fun activity on this trip is kayaking. This way you could explore the islets closely and enjoy the team-work with your child while rowing the kayak. You will also visit a cave at one of the islands and will do some swimming. On the boat, before dinner, the cruise team will teach you how to make spring rolls and in the morning will run a taichi session . 

It seems like there are many things to do during this trip, but everything would go at a relaxing pace so you will not be tired and enjoy every moment spent with your family. 

If you want to spend more time at the bay, we recommend you consider a beach break at Cat Ba or Co To islands. Please note that in winter it will be cold to swim, so we recommend you to visit the islands in the spring or summer period. 

3, Learn the Vietnamese Rural Life with Ba Vi Eco Tour 

This tour  often gets the feedback from our clients as the best day tour in Vietnam for kids. During this tour, your family will get away from busy Hanoi to the Ba Vi villages. This tour has a perfect combination of getting authentic experience, learning something new, and doing some sports activities. Here you will visit a tea plantation and will know every single step of growing and drying the tea, you could even try to do it all by yourself. The owner of the plantation is a Vietnam War veteran and he could tell you many interesting stories of his life. After that, you will have a lesson on how to cook Vietnamese food. Then you will have lunch in a tropical garden and eat what you have cooked. 

After lunch and a short break, you will stroll around the village to engage with local people and visit their workshops. You will see what Vietnamese farmers and villages do for their living, and learn their traditional techniques of making tofu or conical hats. Later have a cycling trip through the rice fields to enjoy the views of Ba Vi Mountains and afterward take a boat trip. 

This tour is suitable for any age and will show you the real-life of Vietnamese people. Your children will not only be entertained but will also learn so many new things. 

4, Take a trip to Mai Chau

Does your family love adventures? If yes, the trekking in Vietnam is a must-do! There are many beautiful places for trekking in Northern Vietnam, but we will recommend you to have a look at the trip to Mai Chau . This area is not too far from Hanoi and easy to get to. Here you and your children can cycle around the emerald rice fields, trek through the rice terraces, visit the local villages, and learn the culture of the Thai minority. If you would like something more, you can take a kayak trip down the Da river.

Many resorts in this area are following the concept of sustainable tourism, what you will see in the house buildings, beautiful gardens, and culture preservation. The best examples of it are Mai Chau Hideaway and Mai Chau Eco Lodge. It will be great for your child to get close to nature and different cultures and see the best aspects of traveling. Mai Chau Eco Lodge  also offers accommodation with a family-friendly tour program. 

 Fresh air, adventures, cultural immersion, and fantastic views around – what could be a better place to take your children to? 

5, Paint a Kite in Hue

If Hanoi is famous for water puppetry, Hue has its “in-air puppetry art” – kite-flying. During the Nguyen Dynasty kite flying was a part of each festival held by the Royal family and New year celebrations. Since that time the kite making art has reached its finest form. The childhood of everyone living in Hue is closely attached to the kites. Kids in Hue fly the kites everywhere where it is possible. While you are in Hue don’t miss the opportunity to learn about kites and how to make it. During this tour, you will have a cycle trip to the house of your instructor who is also a third-generation kite maker in Hue. He will introduce you to the history of the kite flying in Vietnam. Then you will get to his workshop where he will show you the traditional methods of making kites. Later you will get a chance to paint your kite.

After the tour, we recommend you take a cyclo trip around the streets of the former capital. Every corner of this city is steeped in history and the cyclo trip will get you back to old time. It will be an unforgettable experience for your children!

6, Try hand on experience with fishing and basket boat riding 

Another activity in our list of best tours in Vietnam for kids is Hoi An eco-tour. Hoi An is a magical town that you must visit. It is a perfect place for a family holiday. You will have a great immersion in the culture and history of Vietnam, will try the finger-licking meals, and will have a relaxing time at the beach. Fishing has been playing one of the major parts of the town’s life for generations. And Hoi An Eco-tour will introduce you to this aspect of local living. During this tour, you and your family will have a bicycle ride from the hotel down to the river, where the local fishermen will wait for you. You will learn the traditional Vietnamese fishing technique and try to catch the fish. Lots of fun is guaranteed! Then cruise down the coconut-palm flanked waterways in a bamboo basket boat which is unique for Vietnam. 

7, Make your lantern in Hoi An

When you visit Hoi An you will see that nearly every shop and house have lanterns hanging outside. Lanterns are a symbol of this town and create a special atmosphere here. After strolling around the town in the evening you would want to take a lantern with you as a souvenir. So why not make it on your own?

During this tour, you will have a cycling trip through green villages and colorful streets to the lantern maker’s house, where a lantern maker will tell you everything about them. And later it will teach you how to make and paint it. This tour will give you and your children an immersion in Vietnamese culture and many good memories. Plus it will be one of the most beautiful crafts your children make for you. To get a better experience we advise you to plan the trip to Hoi An during the full moon time when you can observe the lantern festival. 

8, Learn the history with exploring a maze of Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi tunnels will be the best tour in Vietnam for kids in terms of learning some history. The tunnels of Cu Chi are a part of a large network of underground tunnels, which underline much of the country. This system of underground tunnels has been used by Viet Cong soldiers as hospitals and a hiding spot from the US military, as well as the supply routes for food and weapons. These tunnels played a big role in the resistance of Viet Cong to American forces. 

Why should you take your children there? First of all, is education, they will learn about the Vietnam War and the impact it had on people. Second is they could explore the maze of the tunnels like real soldiers. It will be a real adventure! 

9, Immerse yourself into Vietnamese traditional life at Mekong Delta

Mekong delta is a “rice bowl” of Vietnam. And visiting this area will allow your family to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of Vietnamese people. Here you will have a boat trip through the narrow channels, visit the local farms and tropical gardens, have a cycling trip through the villages. There are also options for staying here overnight, which will be a great way to study more about the Vietnamese countryside and get away from the crowds. The programs for overnight stay will also include the cooking lesson and visiting famous flotation markets early in the morning that are not available during a day trip. Another option to explore the delta is to take a river cruise. However, for kids, the best option will be an overnight stay. 

10, Have a beach break in Phu Quoc 

And at the end of your journey, it will be nice to have some relaxing time at the beautiful beach. Phu Quoc is a perfect place for a family beach break. This island has white sand beaches with turquoise water, reclining palms, emerald green jungles, and a good selection of nice resorts. 

A big part of the island is a Phu Quoc National Park, so fresh air and beautiful wildlife are guaranteed. Those who are into hiking will have an amazing walk in a National Park. Moreover, you can take your curious children to the black pepper farm or pearl farm, where they could see how it is made. 

You also should take your children to the Vinpearl Land Amusement Park. This park has a waterpark, one of the biggest aquariums in Vietnam with a mermaid show and outdoor and indoor game zones. Your family could spend there the entire day having fun!

And of course what island will be without water activities? Phu Quoc is a great place for snorkeling, you can take a snorkeling tour. Some resorts like Mango Bay rent snorkeling equipment too. You can take your teenage children diving as well to explore the beautiful corals and exotic fish. Or you can rent a kayak or canoe to explore the bay. For the real adventure lovers, there are “Robinson tours” to the inhabitant islands. 

If you want to find more information on how to organize a family vacation in Vietnam check out our itineraries to get more ideas. And feel free to share in comments your vision of a perfect vacation with kids. 

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